Advance Life Support

Advance Life Support

The Advance Cardiac Life Support ambulance service is a specialized medical transport service that prioritizes providing specialized care to individuals encountering cardiac issues. It is manned by highly trained medical professionals who can manage various conditions that often require hospitalization, such as cardiac arrest, strokes, obstetrical emergencies, and surgical patients needing constant IV medication.

These ambulances are uniquely constructed to deliver the essential medical support to patients facing heart attacks and other medical emergencies. They possess advanced equipment and technology, enabling them to maintain control of the situation and administer the necessary care to stabilize the patient's condition.

In addition to the specialized medical care provided by the highly trained doctors and nurses, the Advance Cardiac Life Support ambulance service also has state-of-the-art equipment and technology at its disposal. This includes advanced cardiac monitoring equipment, defibrillators, and specialized medications that can be used to manage cardiac emergencies.

The ambulances themselves are designed with patient comfort and safety in mind. They are equipped with stretchers that can be adjusted to different positions to help keep the patient stable and comfortable during transport. The ambulances also have climate control systems to ensure that the patient is kept at a comfortable temperature throughout the journey.

The goal of the Advance Cardiac Life Support ambulance service is to provide the highest level of care to patients experiencing cardiac problems. By having highly trained medical professionals and advanced equipment and technology at their disposal, they are able to provide the necessary care and support to stabilize the patient's condition and transport them to the hospital for further treatment.



You can rely on our amazing list of features, and our customer service will provide a great experience for you without any hassle.

Pulse oximetry
Patient safety is our top priority, and we use state-of-the-art equipment like pulse oximeters to continuously monitor patient condition while in transit to the hospital.
Advanced Medications
Having advanced medicines in our ambulances is crucial to provide effective support during emergencies, potentially saving lives and improving outcomes.
Heart Pressure Monitoring
We prioritize patient safety and utilize Heart Pressure Monitors to monitor heart pressure during transportation. Our experts provide appropriate support and intervention to ensure the best possible care.
Ventilator and CPAP
We provides Ventilator and CPAP machines available 24/7 for patients who require respiratory support during transportation, ensuring patient safety on the way.

Equipped Solutions

We understand that it can be difficult and challenging to find reliable and fully equipped Advanced Life Support ambulance services in Mumbai during critical situations. That's why our team at Jeevan Ambulances is dedicated to providing the highest level of care and support to individuals suffering from a range of conditions such as stroke, cardiac arrest, and respiratory failure.

Our fully equipped advanced ambulances are staffed with experienced and skilled healthcare professionals who are trained to provide the necessary care and support during transportation. Whether it's advanced airway management, intravenous drug therapy, or cardiac monitoring, our team is equipped with the latest high-tech equipment to provide comprehensive care.

To book our advanced ambulance services, simply give us a call. Our team is available 24/7 to assist you in all emergency situations, ensuring that you receive the care and support you need during these critical times.

Your costs in Original Medicare

At Jeevan Ambulances, we understand that a positive environment can make a significant difference in a patient's experience. We strive to maintain a relaxed ambiance and ensure that our staff is always approachable, friendly, and accommodating to make our patients as comfortable and happy as possible.

Our ambulance services are open 24/7, and we encourage patients to book appointments at their own convenient time to reduce waiting time. We understand that patients in emergency situations require prompt and efficient care, and we make sure to deliver it with utmost compassion and professionalism.

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