Air Ambulance Service

Air Ambulance Service

JEEVANV AIR AMBULANCE is a highly reputable air transportation company based in Mumbai that provides top-quality services. Our company is well-known for its outstanding track record and reliability in transporting patients and offering other transportation services..

Our air ambulances are equipped with state-of-the-art life-saving devices such as defibrillators, ventilators, laryngoscopes, suction machines, Ambu bags, and more, ensuring that our highly skilled doctors can save lives on board. We are committed to providing the latest life-saving equipment on our air ambulances in Mumbai, which can help save the lives of those aboard.

To avoid long and tiresome journeys on the road, we offer long-distance air ambulance services for transporting patients from one state to another. We offer two types of flight ambulances and Indian ambulances to cater to a wide range of medical transportation needs.


Chartered Planes as Air Ambulance Services:

Charter Air Ambulance services are particularly crucial for patients who require specialized care, monitoring, and equipment during transportation over long distances. These services can prove to be more cost-effective and efficient than traditional modes of transportation when the patient's condition warrants immediate and expert medical attention.
In cases where patients require constant ventilator support and are critically ill, JEEVANV AMBULANCE service in Mumbai provides emergency air ambulance services with highly qualified doctors and responsible paramedical staff who provide complete support during the transfer.
Our team at JEEVANV AMBULANCE service in Mumbai understands the importance of providing prompt and efficient medical transportation for our patients. That is why we have established connections with numerous high-quality Charter Air Ambulance companies to ensure seamless transfers with the latest medical equipment and technology. We strive to provide optimal care and support to our patients during their transportation journey, ensuring their safety and well-being at all times.

Commercial Planes as Air Ambulance Services:

Commercial plane medical transportation is advantageous for patients who require continuous oxygen supply, cardiac monitoring, infusion, and ICU support while traveling. Our team of paramedic professionals and medical personnel is available to attend to patients throughout the journey.

However, it is not suitable for patients who require ventilator support and are chronically ill. In such cases, emergency air ambulance services with highly qualified doctors and responsible paramedical staff are the best option to ensure complete support and safety during transportation. At JEEVANV AMBULANCE service in Mumbai, we understand the varying medical needs of patients and provide customized transportation solutions to meet their specific requirements.


Air ambulance services are regulated by organizations like the FAA and NTSB to ensure safety and compliance with industry standards. These regulations include regular aircraft maintenance, crew training and certification, patient care protocols, and adherence to flight and weather restrictions. JEEVANV AMBULANCE service in Mumbai follows these regulations to prioritize patient safety during medical transportation.

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