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Jeevan Ambulance was founded by a group of dedicated colleagues who witnessed the dire need for urgent medical aid in critical situations such as road accidents, heart attacks, and other emergencies. Our commitment to saving lives led us to establish an ambulance service that operates 24/7 to ensure no emergency goes unheard or unattended.
Initially starting with rented vehicles due to a lack of resources, Jeevan Ambulance has come a long way in providing a wide range of ambulance services to cater to various needs, including Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support, Air Ambulance, Train Ambulance, Hearse Ambulance, and Ambulance for Sports and Events.

Jeevan Ambulance Services

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about jeevanv ambulance services
Over the past 15 years, Jeevan Ambulance has established tie-ups with more than 56 companies, including BARC, and has successfully saved countless lives. Our dedication and commitment to our mission have earned us a reputation for being reliable, affordable, and responsive.
Jeevan Ambulance played a significant role in saving lives during the 26/11 Mumbai attacks by providing critical medical care to the victims. Jeevan Ambulance services have been instrumental in giving hope and relief to those in intense pain.
To reflect our commitment to saving lives and success in doing so, Jeevan Ambulance has changed its name to Jeevanvijay Ambulance and ERS PVT. LTD, where victory means Vijay. We are always ready to receive calls or reservations online, and we adjust our services to meet the needs of their customers. Jeevanvijay Ambulance and ERS PVT. LTD's top priority is to provide affordable and reasonable ambulance services without compromising on the quality of care they provide.

Ambulance Services

1. Advance Life Support

Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances are staffed by expert medical personnel and equipped with cutting-edge medical technology to deliver comprehensive medical care during emergency situations. Our advanced equipment and trained staff enable to respond promptly and effectively to any emergency, administering life-saving treatments on the scene. By providing rapid and targeted medical intervention, our ALS ambulances play a critical role in saving lives and improving outcomes for patients with serious illnesses and injuries. With our specialized capabilities, our ambulances offer faster response times and a better chance of survival for patients in critical condition.

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2. Basic life support

Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances function as emergency rooms on wheels, outfitted with the essential equipment and personnel to deliver critical medical care to patients while en route to a hospital. These ambulances can perform life-saving interventions, including CPR, stabilizing patients, administering medications, and treating wounds. Highly trained paramedics onboard can monitor vital signs, evaluate a patient's condition, and provide fundamental medical assistance until they arrive at the hospital.

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3. Ambulance for Sports & Events

Jeevan’s Sports & Events ambulance is a specialized vehicle intended to offer medical assistance and care during both small and large-scale gatherings, including concerts, sporting events, and other public events. Staffed by highly trained medical personnel and equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment, this ambulance is designed to handle any medical emergency that may arise promptly and effectively. It also creates a secure environment for athletes, spectators, and other participants to minimize the risk of injuries and illnesses. Sports & Events ambulances play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of everyone involved in these gatherings, from small-scale to large-scale events.

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4. Hearse Ambulance Service

Hearse ambulance is a specialized ambulance service that transports deceased individuals from the location of death to a funeral home, mortuary, or cemetery. As there is a growing demand for dignified and respectful transportation of the deceased, this service has become increasingly popular. Hearse ambulances offer a cost-effective and efficient way for families to transport their loved ones with the utmost care and respect. These ambulances ensure that the deceased are transported safely and securely, with dignity and comfort. By providing a respectful and secure environment, hearse ambulances help families cope with the challenging process of arranging the final transportation of loved ones..

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6. Subscription Ambulance Service

Subscription ambulance services provide a distinctive solution for individuals or organizations requiring regular medical transportation services. These services offer pre-arranged and recurrent trips, making them an efficient and cost-effective option. Subscription ambulance services are gaining popularity as an alternative to conventional medical transportation services due to their ability to save both time and money. By providing a dependable and convenient transportation option, these services offer a unique solution for those who require frequent medical transportation.

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6. Air Ambulance Service

JEEVANV AIR AMBULANCE, located in Mumbai, is a prominent company that specializes in air transportation services. Our company is well-known for its unparalleled track record of reliability. In addition to patient transportation, JEEVANV AIR AMBULANCE also offers various other transportation services. Our air ambulances are equipped with a range of life-saving devices, such as defibrillators, ventilators, laryngoscopes, suction machines, Ambu bags, and more, enabling our experienced doctors to provide life-saving treatments on board.

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